The Groomsmen

Best Man

Andrew Dettorre
Andrew split time between Pasadena and Colorado before attending college at San Luis Obispo Cal Poly. I met Andrew after I had graduated college, when he moved in a few doors down. We made some awesome memories there along with Chris Robinson, Chris Alexander, and Shaun Grimmitt. I am happy to report that since college, he moved to the bay area, and now is technically my roommate. To answer your question ladies, yes he is single. He also knows how to make truffles.


Chris Alexander
Chris grew up in San Pedro and moved to San Luis Obispo to go to Cal Poly. I met him through a friend since I needed a new roommate and we ended up living together for a year and a half. He is both my good friend and partner in crime; we had some awesome times living on Johnson. We often visited each other after college in San Louis Obispo & San Pedro (where he's from). Chris recently took a position as a firefighter up in Humboldt County and is living in Eureka.

Shaun Grimmitt
Shaun grew up in LA and moved to San Luis Obispo to go to Cal Poly. Shaun and I lived together on a horse ranch for a year, which was quite an interesting experience to say the least... Lot's of shoveling. Shaun introduced me to wine and since then Laura, Shaun, and I have been traveling up and down the coast of California enjoying regal wineries, cuisine, and friendship. Shaun has spent the last two years in China working and enjoying the culture. I hope he makes it back in time for the wedding...

Patrick Lacey
Patrick (or "Lacey" as I knew him) and I attended the same Jr. High, High School and Jr. College along with our good friend, Travis. Always up to no good, we would cruise around in my old Jeep or often terrorize my parents. We were always up to something, but it wasn't always bad! Lacey is one of my most loyal friends, and just finished up a 9 month tour Afghanistan with the US Army as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert. Constantly in our prayers, we pray he does not accidentally cut the wrong blue wire. Or is it red? Hmm...better leave it to the experts! We're hoping he'll be able to make it back for the wedding but if not, being in the army is a good excuse.

Travis McCloskey
Like Lacey, I went to Jr High, High School, and Jr. College with Travis. Another loyal friend, Travis and I have been through it thick and thin. I'll never forget four wheeling up to the quarry in the summers and enjoying a beer while overlooking the whole city. We also liked tooling around in his old ford and relaxing in the hot tub while Rocky (his corgi) guarded the yard from squirrels and cats. I recently had the honor of being a groomsman at Travis' wedding and could not be happier for him. Travis is currently serving in the US Marine Corp reserves and lives with his new wife in San Jose.

Chris Robinson
Chris and I met through mutual boredom while watching our ex-gf's ride horses on the ranch. Even though that part of our lives didn't pan out, Chris and I still remain the closest of friends. Chris taught me how to live country. We were always causing a ruckus on his parents property, BBQing, or drinking. Chris was also a major contributor to my chocolate shop endeavor; while also driving me from winery to winery. And yes ladies, he is also single. If you love a man in uniform that can both rescue cats from burning buildings while simultaneously teach you how to two-step, he's your man.

Matt Ryan
Matt and I met at the Big Basin Vineyards tasting room. We quickly bonded over our mutual love of insanely good wine and food. Laura and I enjoy heading over the hill to Santa Cruz on weekends to cook great dinners, open amazing wine, play lawn games, and spend time with both him and his girlfriend Melissa. Matt is an encyclopedia of knowledge and is always teaching me more about various topics. If you get a chance to meet him, ask him about his time as a tour guide in Germany. Since Matt works at Big Basin Vineyards, he will be in the throws of harvest during the time of our wedding. Thanks Matt for still being a part of our big day!