The Groom

I was born in Mountain View California to Bob and Tanya Hodges who lived in Sunnyvale, CA at the time. We moved to Cupertino shortly before I started school and have been living in the same house ever since. Childhood was filled with soccer on the weekends, camping trips all over the country and of course lots of work around the house!

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I went to Monta Vista High School and led the varsity soccer team to the CCS playoffs in my senior year. After two years and De Anza Junior College, I was accepted to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I earned a bachelors degree in Business. After college, I stayed in San Luis Obispo and took over a local chocolate shop for a year. It was a great learning experience although short lived.

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I moved back up to Cupertino shortly after closing the chocolate shop and began attending Westgate Church. During an intro desert, I met Laura and with a little luck and some help, talked her into a date. Unfortunately, after we had only been dating for less than 2 weeks, my Dad passed away from a massive stroke. It was a make or break point for our relationship and Laura jumped in 100% and helped our family so much through such a rough period in our lives. It was the worst part of my life but it also gave strength to our budding relationship and created a foundation which we’ve built on ever since.

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I am now a founding partner along with Erik Sundquist at SMA Reserves where we provide reserve study reports for homeowners associations throughout California. If you’re in a HOA and need a reserve study, send me an email at: [email protected] 🙂 (self plug, I know but I had to!)

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Since I met Laura, my life has improved in so many different ways and I’m so thankful every moment to have met her, her family and her friends.