The Bridesmaids

Maid of Honor

Krystin Whitacre
Krystin, Taylor, and I could never really figure out when we all met. Although, Krystin and Taylor had known each other since an early age, they graciously welcomed me as a new friend in high school. Krystin and I assisted in starting a youth ministry at the beginning of college, and since then have never separated. We have created many memories including time exploring San Francisco, traveling up and down the coast to find rare boutique wineries, spending time in San Luis Obispo, Yosemite, and Los Angeles. Krystin is my oracle and constant confidant that can always give me unbiased advice. She has one of the most generous hearts and constantly gives back to CR4TS, "Camp Reach for the Sky", that serves pediatric cancer patients and their siblings. As an aspiring actress in LA, you can often spot her in the audience attending award shows. Word on the street is that she is now dating Ryan Gosling. Last week she was linked to Jake Gyllenhaal.


Sheeva Ghafouri
Growing up, I always heard about Sheeva, but did not have the privilege of meeting her until college in a communications class at Santa Clara University. Our parents are mutual friends, and our moms often get together for book club. During communications class, I luckily pulled Sheeva's name out of a hat to write a speech about. Well, I had the great excuse to do a little "research" and get to know her. Not only did I discover that she was nice, but she was funny, incredibly sweet, and above all, very loyal. Since then, we have gone to Puerto Vallarta (twice), and have enjoyed exquisite food and wine from all around the world. Currently, she is studying for the GMAT and applying for MBA schools. She is also studying for a certificate in wine and will be traveling to France to study the different regions.

Lisa Kolstad
One of my first childhood memories was of Lisa being born. Growing up, we had many mutual friends and would often have play dates together. In high school, her strong-willed and determined personality made her one of the best coxswains in the country. (I can attest to that, because she was also my coxswain.) She ended up winning Nationals in the Women's Lightweight 8+. We were all so excited when she won! I also remember spending a weekend with her in Los Angeles at a USC football game. Lisa has always been loyal to her friends and family. Her strength gives her the fuel to succeed and is also what makes her unique. Lisa now works at XACTLY Corporation and is the leading product trainer. We also enjoy spending time with her boyfriend, Brandon, who also happens to make one of the best BLT salads in the world.

Taylor Numann
This year, I have the privilege of being a Co-Maid of Honor for Taylor's wedding. Taylor and I have made so many wonderful memories over the years, and she has been with me through thick and thin. Since the middle of high school, Taylor and I would annually teach a 6th grade class at a Vacation Bible Camp. We would make all the decorations, prepare all the lessons, and have an annual water balloon fight. The kids loved it! Luckily for me, Taylor is an amazing teacher and always had the best ideas when it came to planning lessons. Our friendship continued to grow throughout college, and I was so excited to hear that she was moving back to California after graduating in 2009. She was by my side throughout my senior year at Santa Clara, and was my partner in crime. Taylor has always been a constant support. One of my most precious memorabilia items is a scrapbook page Taylor made for me when I was going down to Mexico. Whenever I got homesick, I would look at the note that she had written me and feel instantly better. Taylor has this amazing gift to make people feel special. Currently, she lives in Quincy, MA teaching underprivileged kids and will be marrying her fiancee Sam in July. We all miss her dearly in CA, but I am excited to know that we will be seeing each other often this year because of all the festivities!

Kate Pavlina
I met Kate in 1st grade at St. Andrew's. We had many classes together, went on some amazing field trips, but eventually separated after 8th grade. Crazy enough, 10 years went by and luckily we reconnected through Facebook. I was starting to get into yoga, and I had heard that Kate had essentially become a jedi master of yoga. I signed up for a class at World's Yoga and we met one day for a lesson and then went back to take one of her classes. Still to this day, I don't think I've had a better yoga workout. It hurt so good! But, as time went by, we started hanging out more and more and have learned that Kate is a very caring and loving person. She is so passionate about people, animals, and life that it is infectious to be around her. She has this amazing ability to place herself in another's shoes and it encourages me to do the same. We have created some wonderful memories. It's truly amazing how you can meet someone from your past and develop such a wonderful friendship. Kate was also the person who also brought me back to St. Andrew's Church and now we make a tradition of going to church and grabbing dinner.

McKenna Raasch
McKenna has been one of my truest and dearest friends since 1st grade. Growing up we would spend a lot of time at one another's houses, took dance classes, played tennis, and went to summer camps. Most of my childhood and high school memories include McKenna and I would not have my faith if it wasn't for her. One of the most precious gifts I have ever received was a Bible with my name imprinted on the front for my 18th birthday. It is a pink leather Bible with my name printed in silver. McKenna, you may not know this, but that Bible is marked up and is stuffed with notes from over the years. She has always been there for me, even when she is the most busy. She is currently the directer of missions at Calvary Church in Los Gatos and plans missions trips to Asia, India, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala, to name a few... Please check out the work she is doing. She is so incredible!